The Doghouse: Sanitaria Springs

The Sanitaria Springs stories started with the short story "Sanitaria Springs", written by Dabeagle. After the original was posted the offer was made for other authors to come build their own characters and interact with the originals. Many have answered that call; there are now well over 100 stories in the collection. The town is still open to new residents and offers many springboards in existing stories for the development of new characters and places.

The stories do not flow day-to-day but rather check in on the residents from time to time. The stories are listed below in approximate timeline order, which is also a good order for reading. I've grown to love them, and I hope they become dear to you as well.

Wiki The Sanitaria Springs Wiki provides a reference for these stories. It is primarily intended as an author resource and includes story synopses, character lists, a family tree and other snippets of information. By its nature it includes spoilers.